We are going to plant on 22 hectares of land

We kindly asked our main chef of vineyards Branimir aobut the planting new vines.  He told us that we are going to plant on 22 hectares of land, half on terraces, due to configuration of terrain of our vineyards. The plan it to plant somewhere around 62.000 new vines. If everything goes as lanned, we could finish the planting by the end of the month. The soil is fairly dry, but in terraced areas is more optimal for work than vertical ones. With good weather conditions, we can plan to plant from 10.000 to 11.000 vines per day.

As for overall situation in the vineyards, it is clear that the vines are a bit late with the vegetation in comparison with previous years. Despite the unsuitable weather and unpleasant winter, we are quite up-to-date with our work. We really hope that this year will be much more pleasant than last year. For now all the grape varieties have perfectly gone through low temperatures, which were present also in the early spring days. About this year's harvest, we will be able to speak at the time when the first tubers will grow.