Let's make life happy with the new Classic sparkling wine from the Gold Line

Excelent gold line from our wine cellar is designed to celebrate each day and celebrate little victories in everday life. Now you can toast to life with new sparkling wine with classic aroma.

Enologists from Ormož did not leave anything to chance when creating the new Classic  sparkling. From picking the best vines and vineyards to hand picking grapes and carefully nourishing the wine in the cellar. The new sparkling wine is produced using both classic and champagne method, which means that the second alcoholic fermentation takes place in a bottle.

It is a semi-dry sparkling wine, characterized by a combination of gentle citrus fruit aromas and ripe apple with notes of bread crust, which is the result of 40 months of maturing of sparkling wine. It enchants us with an elegant creamy texture, fine tiny bubbles and a long aftertaste.

Birth of a baby, a birthday or a new job are the reasons to celebrate with the new classic sparkling wine. It is suitable for toast to the everyday moments that mean the most to us.