Brand Instinct - excellent red wines from North Macedonia

Since 2011, we have been driven by the desire to complement our offer with red wines, and right in the middle of Negotino we have found the right terroir, perfect conditions for the production of premium red wines. Warm and dry summers, relatively cold winters, the right altitude and the soil provide excellent conditions for producing premium red wines.

Drive behind producing our wines from the family winery is to share the good things in life with the ones that you truly care about. Instinct wines are one for one true DNA from the Tikveš region. Our goal is to express the roughness and purity of nature. 

The new brand carries a meaningful name and a message that instinct is in all of us. Basic Instinct is something that we do not learn or practice, like love or fear. Just like in nature, also in winemaking, only the strongest can survive, challenging terroir and risky circumstances are the everyday challenges that our winemakers are facing. Their true instinct for the right time to pick and to lead the process to turn the grapes into rich and aromatic wines are substantial for the quality. 

Every Instinct wine is unique and represents the powerful animal that is connected with it. They are made with passion, eye for detail, experience and great… Instinct! Vranec is a powerful wine full with pride for our region, Cabernet Sauvignon has been made with a great precision and eye to detail just like the Eagle it needs to be tested before trusting it. Merlot is a wine, that asks us to trust our hearts and minds and if we do we can experience the natural characteristic of a wolf: guardianship, ritual, loyalty and spirit. 

  • The Eagle: Sleek, fearless, powerful and well-groomed with striking looks. 
  • The Horse: Full of pride and arrogant, very passionate and energetic
  • The Wolf: Intelligent, non-aggressive and friendly species with the ability to make strong emotional attachments.

Brand Instinct is currently avalibale in supermarkets Tuš, Spar and Leclerc and will soon be avaliable in chosen restaurants and hotels.