The good things in life should be shared with others

Our wines are best described as fresh, fruity and very approachable. Just like us. We are open to everyone and want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our wine. What’s the point of a wonderful bottle of wine if you cannot share it with people who are precious to you? It’s the essence of our wines.

Bound by our love of wine and our passion for winemaking

It goes without saying that we invest a great deal into the latest technologies, ensuring that our winery conditions are perfect. Having said that, it is ultimately the expertise brought by our people that gives our wine its distinct taste. 

From our vineyard staff, who still handpick every single grape, to our winemaker, who meticulously calculates the ideal timing for harvest, it’s this attention to detail that determines the unique character of our wines. Everyone at p&f wineries contributes to the taste, flavor and quality of each bottle.

Our history


Martin Puklavec was appointed general manager of the wine farmers’ cooperative in Ljutomer-Ormož


The Ormož cellar was completed.


First official label of popular wine Jeruzalemčan


Family owned winery. History repeated when Vladimir Puklavec bought both wine cellars Ormož and Ljutomer, with the goal of making top quality wines in a region that is among the best wine regions in the world.


We launched brand for foreign markets under the name puklavec & friends.


First step of renovation of the cellar is completed. Beside completely new and advanced system for winemaking, we also presented new modern degustation rom and wine shop.


New investments in cellar are completed. We have new vinificators and 5th floor for classical method sparkling wine is renovated.


Changing the name of the company to Puklavec Family Wines.  Launching new lines of wines for  HORECA sector: Seven Numbers and Estate Selection. The brand of popular premium Jeruzalem Ormož expanded the offer with the GOLDEN LINE of super premium wines, which brings together the best of our vineyards.


Opening of our new wine cellar in Northern Macedonia: Puklavec Family Wines Negotino. Launching a new brand for red wines from our Macedonian cellar - Instinct.

There is no excuse for not making the best wines in the world

Amongst the most talented winemakers in the area, Mitja and Rok clearly understand the intricate balance between acidity and sugar and strive for perfection. Blessed with an enviable climate and geology perfect for vines to flourish; a state of the art winery and talented winemakers; there is no excuse for not making the best wines in the world.

Nejc Borko  
"Stop blending, start experimenting"

Nejc grew up in Prlekija and became acquainted with viticulture in his early youth. He had previously mastered his knowledge in various cellars, including in New Zealand, where he spent three months. With the adolescent approach to wine making, he brings passion and open spirit to the wine cellar, thereby helping to attract the best from the wine.

Mitja Herga 
"Put pure nature in the glass"

Mitja was actually born in the region and knows the area like the back of his hand. Whilst he is still young he is very experienced. He has worked for many vineyards around the world, even in New Zealand. This experience is put to good use on a daily basis at the cellar in Ljutomer-Ormož.

Discover our story with Joe Wadsack

Discover beauties of Jeruzalem and surrounding in the company of Joe Wadsack, wine expert from BBC Food & Drink.