At the Decanter competition we received 13 medals

In our wine cellar, we fulfill the mission that as many people as possible enjoy and experience our wines with the awareness that we offer superior quality in every bottle, regardless of the price position. We are proud that despite the demanding international competition in this prestigious evaluation we are able to win a large number of medals. We are particularly proud that the medals are also given to those wines that you can also buy in better stocked stores and thus enjoy the quality of these wines.

The first amazing success was our achievement in 2016, when our best-selling wine bottle of Yellow Muscat won gold medal. Certainly, we will remember last year when our Furmint from the new line Seven numbers received a platinum medal and at the same time won the prestigious title "the best Slovenian wine".This year, we brought home 13 different medals,which we are also extremely proud of, because this is only a confirmation of our work and dedication to what we do.

Our director and chief enologist Mitja Herga says: "We are happy to receive an increasing number of medals at Decanter each year. Constancy is proof that we fulfill Mr. Puklavec mission and at the same time we give a vow to lovers of wine - to produce the best wine. The credit goes to my colleagues who, with exceptional attention and dedication, contribute to top quality. From vineyard to work in the wine cellar, where by modern approach we upgrade the tradition of winemaking."