With investment in Northern Macedonia we are entering the market of red wines

This year we are celebrating exactly 10 years since the return of the Puklavec family into a wine story, story that started in 1934 by Martin Puklavec. At that time, the Ormož and Ljutomer wine cellars were merged and with this merger we began to write a new chapter focusing on the winemaking and production of high quality white wines. With the desire to extend the offer with red wines, we started with first activites in Northern Macedonia back in 2011. As Vladimir Puklavec, owner of Puklavec Family Wines said: “I am glad that we are entering new decade of leading this winecellar richer with new region partnership between Slovenia and Northern Macedonia and new wine offer, which is extended with high quality red wines from Negotino. Today we are starting new chapter of the story, which we started writing it in 2011.”

Premium red wines from Negotino are perfect extension of our assortment of white wines from Ljutomer-Ormoške gorice. Vineyards in wineregion Tikveš, where Negotino is located, is offering perfect conditions for producing premium red wines. They have dry, hot and long summers, relatively cold winters, landscape full of hills, extending between 250 and 400 meters above sea level and unique mineral terroir. According to Dane Jovanov, director and chief enologist of the boutique wine cellar in Northern Macedonia, the new investments enables them further development in growth in the red wine segment. “We do not hide our ambitions because we want to succeed with our red wines, that will be comperable with white wines from our Slovenian wine cellar, which means being among the best in the world.”

Puklavec Family Wines Negotino wine cellar has a capacity between 300 and 400 thousand bottles a year. We produce the most recognizable varieties of red wines, such as cabarnet sauvignon, merlot and vranec.

 A new line of premium red wines Instinct

The line of red wines from Negotino will consist from three quality segments, which will be united under the brand Instinct. We intend to introduce the new brand of red wines in the second half of this year both to the domestic and foreign markets.