After six years finally ice harvesting again

After six long years, finally conditions were perfect for an ice harvest. The vineyard named Topol in Rinčetova graba was harvested on Sunday 8th January in the early morning. Chief oenologist Mitja Herga expects about 380 liters of exceptional Chardonnay ice wine.

Why did 6 years pass since the last ice harvest? The reason lies in the very specific conditions that are requested. Conditions are legally defined: grapes must be healthy and mature enough, the air temperature must be low enough so the grapes are fully frozen. In practice this means a prolonged cold period with temperatures that go well below -10°C. Sugar level of the grapes should be at least 128 Oe degrees. The lower the temperature the better, because these conditions affect the concentration of sugar in the grape juice. Even pressing grapes is controlled at a temperature below freezing. Because of these strict conditions, nature does not permit us to do ice harvesting every year.

Icewine Chardonnay vintage 2016, according to Mitja Herga will be first offered at the end of 2018. This wine will definitely be a real treat for all the senses with its inviting golden yellow color, luxurious notes of dried fruit and a long aftertaste.